Funding request for cannabis legalization in South Korea – Project phase II

This was written on 2015… but no success.

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Funding request for cannabis legalization in South Korea – Project phase II

Dear person in charge,

I am a South Korean activist fighting for legalization of medical cannabis in South Korea. I am suffering of crohn disease and I discovered cannabis is helping me to have a normal life as others. While my health is getting much better, I found myself that I am getting into other problems such as facing legal issues, since consuming cannabis in South Korea is life threatening crime, plus cannabis price in black market was too high because smuggling is not an option and since there are no industrial scale grower but only home growers here. ($120 ~$150 per gram)

Therefore I made a plan to

  1. Establish a safe place from government censorship and prosecution and an open market to regulate price eventually to lower price making seller drop their price
  2. Educate people that cannabis is not an evil plant and prove it
  3. Ultimately, cannabis legalization in South Korea

i. I have launched a non-profit hidden website [http://highkorea5ou4wcy.onion] on September, 2014 which can be only accessed through Tor browser [] and as of now I have more than 850 active members (about 100 inactive members were pruned on 1 Jan 2015) and it is growing. I have successfully persuaded a few dealers to make business in my website and they are conducting business flawlessly and I am not taking any penny from their business because it was not my goal. Furthermore, I am enforcing a strict rule allowing only cannabis and other substances trade threads are not allowed.

ii. Since appealing for legalization of recreational cannabis use in South Korea is not feasible, I would like to show ignorant people that cannabis have a great medicinal value and eventually should be legalized. For this goal, I would like to proceed with my 2nd step to educate cannabis is not an evil plant and prove it to my fellow patients suffering from crohn disease. As I mentioned earlier, cannabis is illegal here and not many would like to take a leap of faith to try like me and even try to pay for such expensive thing. Therefore I would like to support them for free in exchange of written consent that participants will come out in public once if they find cannabis is working for their medical conditions.
If we have many people who are willing to raise their voice demanding legalization of medical cannabis, I believe government will not ignore it because we not asking for marijuana for recreational purpose.

I will need the funding for
*Recruiting fellow crohn patients discreetly to participate in this project (100 people/ 4500 members out of using anonymous communication tools – expecting 2% acceptance rate
*Providing each participant with vaporizer starter kit (crohn patient can’t smoke and edibles would cause intensive reaction) and 14g of consistent hybrid strain cannabis weekly for 3 months
*Collecting data and creating testimonial video clips after the test and broadcast it
*Funds for food and living expenses for an year so that I can devote myself

Once this project for crohn disease is completed, I will proceed to next project for cancer and I might need extra funding. After this 2 projects I will release the result and I expect a long law suit but I wouldn’t request funding from you for the law suit because I am confident that we will have some donations once we go public.

We just need some initial funding to accomplish this goal to legalize medical marijuana because many rich people in South Korea don’t really care about this.

Return of investment:
We can’t promise regarding financial return of investment but we would submit the medical result of each patient we collected. Also by all means if you have any additional factors you would like to research regarding medical cannabis we would be happy to add in our project.

I would like to request funding for this humanitarian project. With your back, I would be able to show people that cannabis is not evil drug but a natural plant with many medicinal potentials of which God gave us and also when I go public and if I disclose that I have been backed by you, it would give a great influence in media.

Please consider helping us with this humanitarian project.
Thank you.

P.S. I have created an account for you to browse my website for your reference.
ID: Angel

Version: GnuPG v1


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