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Hello there,


We are a group of people who dream to establish a new Korea, <HiGH KOREA>. We tried to make our dream come true, back in the days in the virtual world in onion land only to fail. We donated most of the profits to activists, patients and sellers, however, did not make much progress other than CBD.

While the therapeutic benefits of THC is obvious, it is disappointing to see no progress is being made toward this.

As we used up the game coins previously earned in the virtual world <HiGH KOREA>, we trying to start a new one in the real world to make a change.

To fund our new movement, we are making a golden badge, which will come with a warranty paper from a renowned jewelry shop in Korea. The product will come with a lot number, which will be engraved behind the badge when the it is released from the jewelry shop.

To keep your prestigious memories of supporting a civil movement in Korea, I believe this fine piece of jewelry would make your happy.

Kindly support us!

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