Prove one country two system works by decriminalize and legalize cannabis in Hongkong

Chinese Communist Party have promised one country two system to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

One CountryTwo Systems is a fundamental state policy formulated by Deng Xiaoping to accomplish the peaceful reunification of China by resolving the sovereignty questions of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan arising from a complicated historical background. Hong Kong City and Harbour in 1850.

One Country, Two Systems – Basic Law

Daily Hongkong, a news service portal in Hongkong, pointed out the world would finally stop complaining to China that the one country two system policy on Hong Kong is not working, if it legalize and regulate cannabis.

Recent study revealed a possibility of cannabis may be a treatment for COVID19 (SARS-CoV-2) by reducing the cytokine storm, protecting pulmonary tissues, and re-establishing inflammatory homeostasis.

Legalizing cannabis will revive Hong Kong economy, the tourism industry, and make the citizens happy who are suffering from PTSD.

Hong Kong has been suffered and experienced trauma during multiple protests, so this change from the government could be a good gesture to make peace.

I think Daily Hongkong made a good point.

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