Will Biden administration admit the fraud committed in 2020 presidential election?

During the U.S.-China meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, Secretary of State Mr Antony Blinken told China

And there’s one more hallmark of our leadership here at home, and that’s a constant quest to, as we say, form a more perfect union. And that quest, by definition, acknowledges our imperfections, acknowledges that we’re not perfect. We make mistakes, we have reversals, we take steps back. But what we’ve done throughout our history is to confront those challenges openly, publicly, transparently, not trying to ignore them, not trying to pretend they don’t exist, not trying to sweep them under a rug. And sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s ugly, but each and every time, we have come out stronger, better, more united as a country.

Transcript thanks to Nikkei

Interestingly, whilst the 45th president of U.S. Mr Donald Trump and his supporters see many fraud committed during the 2020 presidential election, Biden administration and the government officials are now talking completely different stories from few months before.

Now Biden administration is claiming China didn’t meddle the election, but Russia and Iran did!

Will they ever confront their mistakes publicly, transparently, not trying to ignore it, not trying to pretend they do not exist, not trying to sweep them under a rug, like Secretary of State Mr Antony Blinken claimed?


Amercia is blaming China is censoring Tiananmen Massacre, but can they blame her while they are hiding and censoring their own election fraud?

Not only the election fraud committed during the presidential election on 2020, still about half of Americans think cannabis is evil and censoring it too.

In fact, South Korean scientists found cannabis literally disabled SARS-CoV-2 virus, and stop cytokine storm, scientists from University of Chicago also published a research paper showing cannabis extract, namely cannabidiol, inhibited the virus to replicate as well.

Come on Americans! Show the example and lead by example! Repent! Amen.

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